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Irises Exhibition "Irida 2008"

It has become traditional to meet summer with a colourful variety of irises.

June 3-10, 2008 florist’s “Ihor” (Ternopil) housed the 10th jubilee iris exhibition “Iryda-2008”



Every time I’m eager to present as many cultivars as possible, to show novelties of the season and pay tribute to favourite irises famous for their colours and forms.

The exhibition featuring hundreds of flowers demonstrates the progress of selectionists’ work. For the last decade they have changed thin petals into ruffled, as if carved “wax” standards and falls of luxurious, royal flowers.

This year we can rejoice at the flowering of our novelties: majestic black and violet with brown beards STARYY DZVONAR, white APOSTOL, amethyst, super ruffled gigantic AVTOHRAF DLYA TEBE, bluish PONAD KHMARAMY.


Visitors pay special attention to cultivars originating in southern hemisphere (the so called ‘Australians’). In Ukraine they adapted well and enriched the iris colour scheme: COFEE WHISPERS has got white standards (upper petals) and coffee-coloured falls (lower petals), while IN THE STARS has got pink and coffee-coloured falls. Everybody was impressed by exceptionally beautiful DECADENCE with gold yellow and apricot standards and red-purple falls with apricot fringe.

It takes a lot of efforts, time and money to arrange such an exhibition. But when you see the visitors’ rapt gazes, when people from all over Ukraine come to participate in the iris holiday, and these people grow in number; when you hear enthusiastic visitors telling how the cultivars purchased for the last few years flower at their crofts, you get inspired to continue your creative work.

This year exhibition has come to its end but there remain hundreds of people fascinated by the beauty of irises in bloom welcoming the beginning of the summer...